The John Muir Trail

Preparing for the John Muir Trail felt like a pretty daunting task and I sometimes struggled to find the information that I needed. Whilst I found a lot of blogs and websites, they were often geared towards people who already had backpacking experience, who weren’t coming from abroad, and who were willing to cut their toothbrush in half to reduce their pack weight.

When I got home I decided to share the things that I learnt along the way, to help other newbies take on the John Muir Trail. I hope you find it useful.

How-tos & guidance

Planning and preparing for the John Muir Trail: a timeline

How to create a basic itinerary 

My 19 day John Muir Trail itinerary

Six steps to securing a southbound JMT permit (and what to do if you don’t)

How much will it cost me to do the John Muir Trail?

What should I eat on the John Muir Trail?

John Muir Trail resupply planning

My John Muir Trail training plan 

My John Muir Trail gear list and what I learned along the way 

Getting to the trail (and home again)

Going solo: hiking the John Muir Trail alone

What on earth are you talking about (a trail glossary)


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