Packing list for a backpacking trip in the U.K.

Here is the gear that I have taken with me on my backpacking trips in the Lakes. This list would well for most places in the U.K. but you may want to adjust for the seasons (this wouldn’t cover you with snow on the ground) and terrain.

I bought much of my equipment new from shops like Cotswold, using the discount that I get from being a BMC member. This worked out well as I needed to buy a few chunky items. I also kept an eye out for sales and, where I could, waited for an item to be discounted before buying it.

Where I can I use old running or skiing gear as there is no need to have brand new or hiking-specific everything. You could also look at e-bay or borrow from friends.


Sleeping bag – Rab Womens Ignition 3 Sleeping Bag

Toasty and fairly light.

Sleeping pad – Therm-a-Rest Evolite Sleeping Mat 

A bit heavy for some, but so comfortable.

Pillow – Outwell Memory Pillow

I get a lot of stick for this, but I sleep so well! On my next trip I’m going to try using my buff stuffed with clothes.

Backpack – Osprey Aura AG 65 (WM) Women’s Rucksack

I remove the top section so it’s c. 50lt.

Tent – Wild Country TentsZephyros 1 EP Tent 

Poles – Trekrite Antishock Hiking Sticks

Clothing & footwear 

Daytime/ hiking

1 x short sleeve t Shirt

I use an old running top. You only need one.

1 x shorts

I use my old running shorts.

1 x bikini top / sports bra

3 x pair underwear

3 x socks – Stance Altimeter Trek Socks

The general advice is that you only need two pairs, but I find that the ‘drying’ pair doesn’t always dry in time, and for me, having clean dry socks is key to not getting blisters. You can sleep in the ‘spare’ clean pair.

1 x knee brace

I take this due to an old running injury.

1 x waterproof jacket – Northface Influx Insulated Jacket

Perfect. I don’t take the fleece part.

1 x lightweight down body warmer – optional

1 x waterproof trousers – Berghaus Deluge Overtrousers

These are the best waterproof trousers I’ve ever owned.

1 x pair lightweight gaiters

I have a lightweight pair similar to the Dirty Girl brand.

1 x pair gloves

I use a pair of old running gloves and take a proper waterproof pair if rain is forecast. Sealskinz are the best.

1 x fleece headband

1 x sunglasses

1 x peaked hat

1 x buff

Evening/ Sleeping

1 x merino wool long sleeve top

1 x merino wool long johns

I really like having something ‘clean’ to change into in the evening.

1 x merino wool hat

I usually only take if it’s looking really cold. The hood on my jacket and head band are usually enough.

1 x down jacket – Rab Women’s Microlight Down Jacket

Definitely get one with a hood, and go for the best quality that you can afford.

1 x pair hiking boots – Merrill Energis Mid Waterproof Boots

I love my boots. They are mid-way between a trail shoe and proper hiking boot – not too heavy and quite breathable.

1 x camp shoes 


Cooking & water filtration

1 x stove – Jetboil ZiP Cooking System 

1 x spork – Sea To Summit Delta Spork 

2 x water bottles

1 x Water filter system

You can consider a number of water filtration systems. On my recent Lakes trip and in Colorado, I used the Sawyer Mini attached to the bottle and drank straight from it.

For the JMT I used the Sawyer Flow ‘inline’ with my bladder.

I boiled cooking water on both trips (not filtered).

Either work fine, but I may consider filtering my water using a gravity system next time. My hiking partner did this in Colorado and it was really nice to have a proper glug at camp.

1 x mug – Lifeventure Titanium Mug

1 x water carrier – Source Liquitainer 2L

1 x mini lighter 

1 x spare fuel can 

Navigation & safety

1 x paper map & 1 x compass Silva Compass

1 x whistle

1 x survival bag – Life Systems Survival Bag – optional


1 x smartphone
Works a treat for notes, navigation, photos and films.

2 x battery packs & cables

1 x Charger head

1 x head-torch – Petzl Tikkina

Spare batteries 

First aid

Blister plasters- Compeed Blister Plasters

Normal plasters

Ibuprofen & paracetamol

Antiseptic wipes

Other personal items


Unscented wet wipes

Toothbrush & paste


Pee rag (for the ladies)
Sounds like a gross idea at first, but works so well.


1 x trek towel – optional

Other personal items


1 x trowel – Coghlan’s Backpackers Trowel 

2 x large dry bags

XL Exped Fold Drybag
For sleeping bag and clothes (durable bin bags are fine)

1 x small dry bag – XXS Exped Fold Drybag
For electronics, lighter.

Duct tape wrapped around half a straw

1 x tent pole repair splint

1 x mini penknife.

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