Minehead to Watchet. Steam trains and dinosaur teeth on the Somerset coast

I didn’t actually walk this route, I ran. But you could certainly walk, gamble, pootle, or even wander it; whatever takes your fancy. It is a beautiful 8 mile route and well worth giving a go if you find yourself in or around the town of Minehead on the Somerset coast.

You begin on the seafront which is replete with all the classic English seaside fixtures that you’d expect; fish and chip shops, arcades and mobility scooters. It’s a sweet old place and I’ve developed a bit of a soft spot for it.

With the sea to your left, the route follows the coastline at sea level for a mile or two, passing alongside a golf course and becoming a little more wild the further from Minehead you get.

Minehead to Watchet

After a while you pass nearby to the town of Dunster and are able to see the impressive looking castle in the distance.

It was around this point that I saw the steam train that begins its journey in Minehead and continues along to Taunton. The tracks run parallel to much of the first part of the route and it’s such a cool sight to see. I’m yet to actually have a ride on it, but am reliably informed by my mum that’s it’s a pretty great experience.

Minehead to Watchet
The train is in this shot somewhere

After about four miles you arrive at Blue Anchor. I feel weird fan-girling a train station, but my god its so beautiful! I’ve never seen such a sweet looking and well looked after station.

Minehead to Watchet
Not a bad spot for a pee

Nearby is the lovely Driftwood Cafe if you fancy a little tea break. I can recommend their cakes and coffee. And fish cakes. And actually pretty much everything that they serve.

Continuing onwards the beach begins to get a little more rugged and windswept in vibe. It was so scenic and I kept having to slow down to take pics.

Minehead to Watchet

Dotted around the beach were what looked like dinosaur teeth, but probably aren’t. They look really cool though.

Minehead to Watchet
Probably not teeth

Finally, after about five miles or so, you reach a pub and it’s time to head upwards. The cliff edges here are quite badly eroded and there was a bit of a detour in place that took you along the road.

Not fancying running on the road or plummeting to my death, I took a third option of winding my way along the back of some fields. It wasn’t quite the full Theresa May, but I came close close.

Minehead to Watchet

Shortly after, I found myself running through some woodland that took me back down to the path that follows the cliff edge. The views were absolutely stunning as I wound through trees and wildflowers and caught glimpses of the sea.

Minehead to Watchet

From there it was a couple of miles along a glorious coastal pathway and down into the lovely harbour town (village?) of Watchet. It is such a lively little place – there was a food market on the go and plenty of merry people enjoying themselves outside the pub in the sunshine.

Minehead to Watchet

King of the world!

Here I met my mum, stocked up on scotch eggs and enjoyed the last rays of sun before heading back to London.

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