Arundel to Amberley – a slightly surreal journey through Sussex

This walk has something for everyone. Homicidal cows, a building with a moustache, and a tiny castle. Needless to say; I loved it!

You begin in the beautiful town of Arundel by walking up the steep hill through the centre. My history being as poor as it is, I have no idea when it was founded… but I’m guessing a long time ago. It was full of tourists and some very smart people in nice cars who we decided must be the lucky residents.

We passed a gorgeous castle on top of the hill, which inexplicably had a huge moustache made of wicker attached to the side of it.


We also had a look around a really sweet church just along from the castle – the first of two or three that we saw along the way. I didn’t manage to take a pic.

The route continues on through and out of the town and takes you up and onto the stunning hillside. You can actually see the English Channel far in the distance and the surrounding views are absolutely beautiful.

We soon came across what looked to be a pimped out mini castle, but I have since discovered is called the Hiorne Tower. I prefer our theory, however, and we enjoyed imagining scenarios where we clubbed together to buy it and threw some amazing parties.

Castle for one?

Soon we came across a lovely little church and we had a little wander around the churchyard and inside.

Not too shabby

The latter part of the walk follows a river for some way and across some pretty fields. It was here, whilst crossing the river, that we were approached by some really angry sounding cows. I’m not sure what had pissed them off so much, but they were not happy. I took a video which WordPress won’t let me upload, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

The cows were near here 🐮

The last part of the walk took us through some more fields and they looked absolutely gorgeous in the sun. I didn’t take many photos here as I was too busy enjoying the views and putting the world to rights with Ann.

The last section of the hike was a good lesson in paying attention to your surroundings whilst navigating. Having got a little lost, I decided that we needed to cross a field in order to meet up with the trail. We set out on our merry way, before realising that I was taking us right into the pathway of a bull. I only noticed that he was a bull (and not yet another cow), when we got close enough to see his foot scraping the floor..!

After a mad dash in the other direction and some intrepid circumnavigation involving climbing over a wire fence, we found ourselves back on the path and on our way to the pub for a well earned glass of wine!

About the hike

  • Around 12 miles
  • Sussex, England
  • I downloaded the route to my phone on a GPS app.
  • Pretty easy – it’s mostly flat aside from a couple of short steep parts.
  • Around five hours walking (excluding stops).
  • Food and water – limited options aside from at the beginning and end. Not sure what to take? Have a look here.
  • Travel to and from the route via London Victoria (about 1.5 hours each way).

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