Voy a caminar (un poco) del GR7

In early June two friends and I will be walking the GR7 trail. This is one of many long distance routes that criss cross all over Europe, from Norway and Sweden in the north, right down to southern Italy. This particular trail runs all the way from Tarifa, on the southern coast of Spain, to the border with France. It then follows the much longer E4 route right through Austria and Hungary and all the way to Greece.


We will be covering a mere 60 miles or so of the trail, in the Granada province of Andalucía, southern Spain. I am basically beside myself with excitement, as I have wanted to hike in the Spanish Sierras for a couple of years now and this is something of a dream holiday.

We will be spending a couple of nights in Granada before setting out on our merry way. This is reason enough to be excited as Granada is an incredible city. Our plans include a visit to The Alhambra, flamenco and plenty of vino tinto and tapas.

The Alhambra 💖

We will spend the next four days hiking between small towns along the route, staying in albergues (hostels) and pensions (BnBs) each night, before arriving in Malaga for a night and our flight home.

I cannot wait to get back to Andalucía and see a bit more of the countryside. I spent a couple of weeks in the region back in 2017, but I mostly saw the towns and cities as it was too hot to be out hiking (38 – 40 degrees some days!). I actually managed a couple of hours on the GR7 in Ronda, but had to admit defeat and head back to the albergué.

The GR7 in beautiful Ronda

Southern Spain is one of my favourite parts of the world for many reasons, including the weather, architecture and delicious food. In fact, where we will be walking is apparently where the best jamón in Spain comes from! I am also looking forward to practicing my slowly improving Spanish. Even if I do tend to get a few quizzical looks and the odd ‘que?’ from the locals when I do.

Most of the planning is done now. So all that I really need to do is get a new backpack (I’m looking at a 35 – 40lt) and keep going with the Spanish lessons.


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