I’m going to climb Mount Toubkal

Morocco is one of my favourite countries and I’ve been a handful of times now. There is so much that I love about it, from the food and beautiful weather, to the wonderful people and architecture.

I’ve seen quite a lot of the country now, including the Rif mountains in the north. I’ve also been to a lot of the cities, including Marrakesh and Fez (which I loved) and spent a fair amount of time on the coast. It was actually there that I broke my ankle whilst surfing – as you do!

The beautiful (and blue) Chefchaoen

However, what I’m still yet to do, is spend any time in the Atlas Mountains. These are to the east of Marrakesh and you can actually see them when you land at the airport. I have wanted to hike there for a number of years now and I’m really excited to have just booked a trip to climb Mount Toubkal in the Autumn. This is the biggest mountain in the range and is actually the highest peak in North Africa. My geography is pretty poor, so I’m not sure how much of an accolade that really is – but it sounds good!

Mount Toubkal

The climb itself is supposed to take a couple of days and I know very little about it at the moment, other than it’ll be quite a different experience to what I’ve done in the last couple of years. We’ll have a guide for starters, and I don’t think my stove will be seeing much action!


I’m also really looking forward to spending a few days in Morocco before the hike and am currently pondering where to go. My current plan involves trying to track down the best dog ever, whom I met in a small town called Essaouria. My heart still bursts when I think of him! I hope he is still there 💖🐶


Dog dog and I

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