I’m going to hike the Cumberland Way

I am very excited to be heading back to the Lake District at Easter. This will be my first trip there for nearly two years.

I last visited in 2017 when I completed the Cumbria Way. This was my first ever backpacking trip and a fantastic little solo adventure. I was so fortunate – I had incredible weather – and it was just a dream. In spite of the blisters.

Cumbria Way
Cumbria Way

This time I’ll be returning with a friend who has been keen to give backpacking a go. I’m really looking forward to showing her the ropes (or as much as I know of them 😝) and spending some time outside together.

Cumberland Way
Emma and I in less wholesome days

I’m also looking forward to seeing some new areas of the park. Instead of going from south to north (as I did with the Cumbria Way) we’ll be crossing from West to East and following the Cumberland Way.

This is a now unofficial national trail and has a lot less information available about it then the Cumbria Way. I haven’t been able to track down a map – yet – but I do have the GPS route downloaded. It looks to be a little more remote and slightly tougher than the Cumbria Way.

Cumberland Way

We will be walking for four days, starting from Ravensglass on the Irish Sea and finishing near Dockray, close to the Eastern edge of the park. We’ll be passing through places I’ve not yet seen, such as Buttermere, and this will also be my first sighting of the Irish Sea.

I have a couple of extra days off work afterwards, so weather dependent may continue southwards on another trail, or find a base and do a couple of summits. I quite fancy Helvellyn.

For now, however, I’m finalising the planning and prep. We don’t have much left to do now, other than food and possibly a test run for a day. I’ve not had a full pack on since Colorado last September so that might be a good idea.

Can’t wait!

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